Teaching & Supervision


I primarily teach courses in Personality and History and Theory in Psychology.


PSY234 Personality

The aim of this course is to introduce students to theories of personality in the 21st century, and to note similarities and important differences between the various positions. Topics covered include post-Freudian psychodynamic approaches, including object relations theory and neuropsychoanalysis. The unit also covers Trait approaches and Dynamic personality perspectives. Humanistic and Positive psychology approaches, as well as personal construct theory and evolutionary psychology approaches, are also addressed. The aim here is to provide a critical approach and examine the contributions from the major schools of thought within personality.

PSY336 Personality & its disorders

This course examines contemporary themes in personality research, including the place of personality research within psychology as a whole and the relationship between culture and personality. The unit considers how modern perspectives on personality address culture, and the course also examines the nature of self, identity, and ‘personality pathology’ (e.g., dissociative identity disorder) within a cultural context.

FOURTH YEAR & Masters of Research (MRes)

PSY464/PSYC764 History & Theory in Psychology

The first half of this course examines the history of psychology, including examining the major influences on the modern discipline and directions and trends that emerged in the 20th Century. The history of psychology within Australia is also examined, along with the current state of Psychology. Issues such as the replication crisis and unification in Psychology are addressed. The second half of this course builds upon the first and aims to foster critical thinking skills by examining common reasoning errors within psychology (circular explanation, reification) and further analysing commonly used terms within psychology such as ‘behaviour’, ‘cognition’, ‘motivation’, ’emotion’, and ‘measurement’.

PhD & Masters supervision

Prospective Masters or PhD students interested in any of the following areas of research should contact me to discuss possibilities. Potential areas of supervision include:

  • Personality dynamics and personality change.
  • Cross-cultural research examining personality and the self
  • Evolutionary psychology (personality)
  • Freudian & Jungian theory
  • Psychoanalytic & psychodynamic research
  • Theoretical & philosophical psychology
  • Qualitative & quantitative research
  • The psychology of science
  • Personality & spirituality

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